What People Say

"Your product looks very promising.  I believe there would be significant demand for the Simpalarm both from the private market and from adult social care or housing related support services."

Michael Glynn, Telecare Development Manager

"I love the simplicity and I think it could be a really non-intrusive way of knowing that loved ones are safe and well through their regular patterns. I’m sure this can support the lives of many elderly and vulnerable people!"

Jamie Cole, Telecare Technology

"The nicest feature is that the hub is cleverly and semi-permanently attached to the power source, so there are no wires that can become unplugged or cut."

Steve Hards, Telehealth & Telecare Aware

"Smart and functional"

Doug Miles, London Telecare

"Very happy to see something like this come on the market"

Matan Czaczkes, Surrey County Council

“Your device looks like a neat solution”

Lee Phillips, Eleven Social